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Ask Teen Line

Ask Teen Line

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In the event that you don’t find a response, please you will need to e-mail us via the Talk Now web page, phone us at (310) 855-HOPE (4673) or (800) TLC-TEEN (852-8336) (toll-free in USA & Canada), OR text TEEN LINE by texting “TEEN” to 839863.

Typical Concerns

Female, 14 years old, PA


Will it be normal become terrified every time We see my ex-boyfriend/abuser? Because every time we see him in public areas, we have actually a panic and anxiety attack.

Teen Line Wrote:

Many thanks for calling Teen Line. I’m so happy which you reached down to us. It should be so difficult to need to see your ex-boyfriend/abuser sometimes experience these panic then assaults. I really want you to learn that it’s entirely normal for you really to be having these reactions. It really is completely normal to be terrified and scared for this individual whenever punishment is connected with him. It should were actually tough and frightening to own to see him while having to revisit that amount of time in everything.

It appears as you might have some PTSD from your own previous abusive relationship because of the fear you sa

We additionally like to provide some given information for some means that will help you deal with your anxiety attacks. Mindfulness and meditation are superb techniques to allow you to feel more relaxed and less stressed the time that is next see him. Check out of good use resources: https: //www. is an online site that may lead you through directed meditations which will help you settle down and get more intune along with your feeling. After an anxiety and panic attack or during, it will help you launch a number of that stress and panic. Http: // is a web page that may additionally offer you some practices on the best way to be much more at comfort.

Again, many thanks plenty for trying. It abthereforelutely was so courageous of you to definitely share what’s happening. I do want to encourage one to get in touch with to Teen Line should you want to talk more about this at (800) 852-8336. You may also text “TEEN” to 839863 if you think much more comfortable interacting through text.

You are hoped by me find these resources helpful since you deserve support. Remain strong.

My buddy’s dad is abusing her and I also’m frightened she is going to commit committing suicide.

Female, 14 yrs old, Netherlands


My friend from school is cutting by herself and I also have always been afraid her, he hits her and I am scared that one day she stops fighting that she is gonna commit suicide because her dad is abusing.

Teen Line Wrote:

Many thanks a great deal for trying. It had been so courageous of you. You might be being this kind of friend that is good calling us. It must be so stressful to understand your buddy is cutting by herself and tthe womanefore her dad abuses her. It appears like since your friend is going through this type of time that is hard it offers taken a cost you. Being stressed that the buddy might commit committing committing suicide is super hard to manage along with teenager material. I do not like to make you hanging with no resources you out so I hope these websites help.

I understand this e-mail had been designed to gain your buddy but We additionally really worry about your psychological state through this process that is whole would you like to offer you some how to manage the strain. There is certainly a website that is great: http: //www. Aspx which have 99 techniques to deal with whatever is stressing you away.

It is possible to always check away this application called “a pal Asks. ” It is a simple method to access helpful tips to indicators, resources, and methods to help buddies whom can be suicidal.

There is certainly a great YouTuber called Kati Morton who makes amazing v

Additionally, you stated she struggles with self damage and generally there is this project called the Butterfly project. The thing that is whole explained on the internet site, however it is essentially an innovative means many people used to stop cutting: http: //butterfly-project.

Finally, holland features a website that is great children struggling with kid abuse: https: //www.

You may contact us at (310) 855-4673 from 6pm-10pm PST or go to our discussion boards at https: //

I really hope your buddy discovers the assistance they require and that you are helped by this email de-stress your self.

I cannot handle my mother’s psychological punishment.

Non-conforming gender, 15, IL


Okay, therefore my mother happens to be mentally abusing me personally for decades and I also’ve finally determined that sufficient will do. I would like to re-locate, nevertheless the guidelines near me will not enable it, i believe. I recently want other people’ inputs before a decision is made by me.

Teen Line Wrote:

Many thanks for reaching off to Teen Line. It should be so hard to manage your mother mentally abusing you. It’s not ok on her behalf for this.

I do want to offer you a resource called variety of 99 coping abilities. It offers numerous various activities you may do to try and assist you to deal with everything you are getting through. Additionally, should anyone ever feel unsafe in the home, you are able to phone Child defensive Services at (800) 422-4453.

I would personally recommend calling us only at Teen Line at (800) 855-4673 anytime from 6pm-10pm Pacific Standard Time, or text “TEEN” to 839863 from 6pm-9pm PST so we can learn more as to what you might be going right on through and we also can provide you better resources.

I really hope you find this helpful.